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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Irish back crumbling Eurozone

Voters in the Republic of Ireland have backed the crumbling Eurozone, with roughly 60% of voters supporting the referendum on the fiscal pact, with a low turn out of 50%. The result is rather bizarre. With Greece seemingly about to leave the Eurozone and Spain on the brink, why would voters embrace the EU even more?
Sadly, the main opponent of the measure was terrorist Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

BETRAYAL: Libs side with Greens, Labor to back gay marriage

Today, Conservative voters in NSW were betrayed when several Liberal and National Members of the NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) to back homosexual marriage.
Those who betrayed the party, voters, supporters, members and donors:
In order from left-right: Trevor Khan (Nat), John Ajaka (Lib), Scot MacDonald (Lib), Sarah Mitchell (Nat), Greg Pearce (Lib), Catherine Cusack (Lib)

The Hon. Trevor John KHAN,  B Juris LLB(UNSW) MLCThe Hon. John George AJAKA,  MLCThe Hon. Scot MACDONALD,  Masters in EnvMan UNE GCNAT BFin.Admin MLCThe Hon. Sarah MITCHELL,  MLCThe Hon. Gregory Stephen PEARCE,  BA LLB MLCThe Hon. Catherine Eileen CUSACK,  BEc(SocSc) MLC

Hypocrite Plibersek

Yesterday on 7:30 Tanya Plibersek, the Labor MP for Sydney and Health Minister attacked the evil Coalition :
''What we're seeing at the moment though is a level of vitriol, nastiness, personal attack that I have never seen before'' and ''It's beyond harsh, it is cruel. A lot of the tone of our public debate is nasty in the nastiest possible way''


Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has refused to apologise for posters in her electorate office which label the opposition leader as racist, homophobic and sexist

The signs included the slogans, purporting to be from Tony Abbott: ''Note to the ladies: make me a sandwich'' and ''I'm threatened by boats and gays, gays on boats are my worst nightmare''

Tony Abbott posterTony Abbott poster

Poor taste.