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Saturday, 17 March 2012

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UKIP doing well in London

A recent poll has found UKIP is heading into the London mayoral and assembly elections in May with a good chance of winning several seats in the London assembly. UKIP is now coming third behind Labour and the left-wing Conservative. The Lib-Dems are now coming joint Fourth with the Green Party.

Good luck to UKIP!

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Oakes' Abbott Obsession

Laurie Oakes today continued his time-honoured traditon of using his Saturday column in the evil anti-government News Limited papers to slam Tony Abbott. Despite the fact Tony Abbott is well ahead in the polls and is OPPOSITION Leader, Oakes virtually every week criticises Abbott for being amongst other things, feral. It's time Oakes scrutinised the Government.
Pull your head in, Laurie.

Socialist Morning Herald

Adele Horin, another far-left columnist at the Socialist Morning Herald aka the Sydney Morning Herald today launched a tirade against success and hard work. Horin claims that the fact we lack an death tax is a ''rarity amongst developed nations''. Horin evidently forgets Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, New Zealand and significant parts of Europe. It must be convenient to twist the facts to suit your ideological beliefs. She claims the lack of a death tax is ''wrong if we value fairness and meritocracy''.
How is it ''fair'' to tax money which has already been subject to other forms of taxation when earned?
How is it ''fair'' to take away significant portions of money left by a deceased person and hand it over to the government?

Horin claims all estates go to wealthy kids. Not true. Many estates are under $1 million. Most are split between several children and significant amounts are left to charity. Horin's proposal would harm charities all around the country.

It's about time the Sydney Morning Herald appointed a conservative columnist to put an end to the tiring socialist rantings of failed hacks.

Assange to Run for Australian Senate

Wikileaks have announced via Twitter their founder Julian Assange who is currently under house arrest in the United Kingdom fighting extradition to face charges over an alleged sexual assault in Sweden will run for the Australian Senate at the next election. They also revealed the intend to run a candidate in Julia Gillard's seat of Lalor.
This will be interesting.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Britain v Christians

In a landmark case to go before the European Court of Human Rights the Conservative-Lib Dem Government of the UK will argue can ban the wearing of the cross and sack workers who do so. The two applicants in the case are Shirley Chaplin. She is a nurse from Exeter, Devon. She claims she was discriminated against by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust after she was banned from wearing a cross at work, therefore ending 31-years of nursing. Mrs Chaplin has worn a cross since her confirmation in 1971.
The second applicant is a Coptic Christian, Mrs Nadia Eweida from Twickenham, London. She was a British Airways check-in staff member. She also claims she was discriminated against.

There are two astonishing factors in this case. Firstly, a ''Conservative'' government will argue in court that the women didn't have the right to wear crosses. They will claim it is not a ''recquirement'' of the Christian faith. Sadly, this follows a long line of attacks on Christianity in Britain.
Secondly, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Right Hon Dr Rowan Williams who has previously backed Occupy London and a 'robin hood tax' claimed “The cross has become a religious decoration. It is something which religious people hang on to as a substitute for faith''. This is despite previously supporting French Muslims in their fight against a law to ban the burqa. Clearly, the Archbishop is failing to stand up for the rights of Christians and is failing to stand up the extreme atheists who want religion banned.

Can you imagine the uproar worldwide if any government tried to ban an Islamic or Jewish religious symbol?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Why #asktony is a marvelous idea

Tony Abbott's staff had a brainwave when they thought up . For those of you who don't know, Tony Abbott has recently started taking questions from members of the public on Twitter. And it's met with a great response. People from all sides of politics have started asking Mr Abbott questions - ranging from What is your standing on climate change? to on a scale of 1 to Karl Stefanovic, how drunk are you going to be on St Patrick's day?. Mr Abbott has responded to them all in good faith.
The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  began trending as one of the top Twitter topics in the country. Mr Abbott was inundated. Most people have been respectful and courteous.
What's better, is the public began to connect with a leader. They began to see the more human side of our Opposition Leader, and had the opportunity to grill him personally on any policy area they wanted. Without spin and without auto cues.
This is politics 21st century style.

Follow Tony Abbott here for your chance to ask him a question.
Feel free to follow me, too.

Future Fund Fraud

New Labor Future Fund Chairman David Gonski today let the cat out of the bag. He revealed the Former Treasurer and Future Fund founder Peter Costello had the ''strong endorsement'' of the board, but Labor chose him instead. His claims prove Senator Penny Wong was lying when she claimed that ''Mr Gonski made no recommendations''.
Peter Costello himself has described the process of appointing a new Chairman a ''schmozzle''

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Oakeshott Tweets in Support of Moore

Labor/Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has tweeted in support of Lord Mayor of Sydney and State MP for Sydney Clover Moore, urging her to ''hang in there'' after the NSW Government announced new legislation to prevent MP's holding positions on local councils. While Mrs Moore claims the changes are aimed at her, they will actually hit more Liberal MP's. In the process, Oakeshott accused NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell of ''attacking'' Mrs Moore. Mrs Moore who has become infamous for ripping up roads and putting down unpopular bike paths. As the Daily Telegraph reported, the $76 million green elephant was being ignored by cyclists

Mrs Moore is also a well-known member of the far-left. She introduced a bill to allow gay adoption, opposes uranium mining and has held a forum using ratepayers money in support of a carbon dioxide tax and wants Sydney to cut emissions by 70% by 2030.

Thomson in hospital

Embattled Labor MP Craig Thomson is in hospital. Mr Thomson took himself to Canberra Hospital this morning, complaining of stomach pains.
Chief Government Whip and MP for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon has revealed on Twitter Mr Thomson is suffering from suspected appendicitis.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

ABC Presenter Dumped over Katter Ad

ABC Presenter Suzanne McGill has been stood down  for voicing Bob Katter's gay marriage ad. Gay marriage advocates began circulating rumours McGill was the S.McGill listed as voicing the ad. The ABC have claimed McGill did not seek approval for ''external voice-over'' work.
While McGill should have sought approval, it is not fair to sack someone for voicing an advertisment people may disagree with. Clearly the gay marriage supporters calling for her sacking have no respect for freedom of speech.

Labor's Disgusting Attack on Newman

After the hysteria of yesterday over Bob Katter's gay marriage ad, those loud voices of yesterday are quiet today following the obscene attack on Campbell Newman's family. Voters in key Queensland electorates received personally-addressed postcards screaming ''Campbell Newman won't look after the surame family'' on one side and ''Campbell Newman is only interested in looking after one family. And it's not yours'' on the other.

This from the side which declared ''I can give this guarantee, I won't be at any stage insulting or criticising any member of Mr Newman's family...families are precious, and I certainly regard them (families) as off-limits."

Bolt's War on Christianity

Andrew Bolt who has previously declared God does not exist today launched his latest attack on Christians. He sneered at Christians  saying  ''we marvel, too, that so many millions have treated this work as the literal truth, and even the dictated word of God''. He mocks those that have faith, just because he does not.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Katter's Ad: Is it homophobic?

While Bob Katter's gay marriage ad is bizarre, absurd, and tacky; is it homophobic? No.

That doesn't mean it's not stupid, misleading and offensive.

Not only does it bring gay marriage (a federal issue) into state politics out of pure political opportunism but it genuinely looks like something from the 1950's. Further, the creators made the mad decision to use a Stock photo of two French men posing with fake breasts and pregnant stomach. Evidently the only photo of two shirtless gay they could find.

I must say I disagree with Andrew Bolt, someone I admire on this issue.
He claims on his blog ''why show a gay couple as a beautiful young man and an older and plainer one? Again, the intention seems plain: to link gay marriage or gay relationships generally to paedophilia - or at least to gay predators''
That's highly unlikely, and a very long bow to draw.

Secondly, he asks ''what’s with the footage of Newman folding a skirt, after asking in this context: “How well do you really know Campbell Newman”? This time the intention is slightly less clear, even if the malice isn’t. Is this meant to sneer at gays as sissies? Or at Campbell as a closet gay - or even crossdresser''.
Frankly, that's absurd. The footage was TV footage of Newman saying he backed gay marriage. The question 'How well do you know Campbell Newman' was not asked directly before showing the footage.
Lastly, Bolt backs civil unions. I'm surprised and dismayed.
Bob Katter formally rebuffs Bolt's claim about the dress. It was a coincidence. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

FitzSimons Hypocrisy

Peter FitzSimons, one of the many far-left columnists on staff at Fairfax today took aim at the appointment of Clive Palmer as a National Living Treasure.

FitzSimons asked ''Why, precisely is he a Treasure?  Philanthropy? He is not a noted philanthropist. Perhaps he acted, then, in a manner, beyond his own self-interest, that has lifted countless Australian lives? I can't see that either. For his contribution to the arts or sciences?''

I ask FitzSimons then why the following are on the list:
  • Phillip Adams
  • Bob Brown
  • Julian Burnside
  • Peter Garrett
  • Jennie George
  • Germaine Greer
  • John Hatton
  • Cheryl Kernot
  • Michael Leuning
  • Ted Mack
  • Jack Mundey
Let us know, FitzSimons.

Katter's Socialist Party

Bob Katter's Australian Party has announced plans to create a ''state bank'' if they win the Queensland election, halt coal seam gas exploration, ban foreign mine labour, give more power to unions and bring in Communist-style laws to curb Woolworths and Coles . How can this nutter be called a conservative?